Das ist das Ende – 5-Minuten-Preview

Abgefahrene Komödie mit Kult-Potenzial: James Franco veranstaltet die Party des Jahres. Klar, dass da Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Michael Cera, Emma Watson und Rihanna nicht fehlen dürfen. Doch die Feierei endet nicht mit einem Kater, sondern mit dem Weltuntergang… Sechs Freunde verschanzen sich in Francos Haus und kämpfen ums Überleben – und um das letzte Milky Way. Offizielle Website Offizielle Facebook Seite Tweet

December​.​EP by Birdview Crew – Free Download

Immediate download of 18-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire. •Birdview Crew’s last release for the year 2O12. We all would like to thank every single follower for all your support.. thanks!! Dec.EP-Snippet: soundcloud.com/birdview-crew/december-ep-snippet • facebook.com/birdview-crew • • soundcloud.com/birdview-crew • •Do us a pleasure an share our new album to support all the BVC-Artists, Peace credits released 01 December 2012 ______________________________________ December.EP Crew-Member: -Khryo: soundcloud.com/khryo (France) -Ryddm: soundcloud.com/ryddm (Germany) -Afryx_Q: soundcloud.com/afryxq_x (Italy) -Bwoy De Bhajan: soundcloud.com/bwoydebhajan (Denmark) -Don Monnet: soundcloud.com/don-monnet (Germany) -Rootkit: soundcloud.com/seveneleven169 (Norway) -Maximoe: soundcloud.com/maximoe (Netherlands/Germany) -Gimmik (Plairme): soundcloud.com/gimmik (United States) -Climbing Clouds: soundcloud.com/mccandless3 (United States) -Cap Kendricks: soundcloud.com/capkendricks (Germany) -Insightful: soundcloud.com/insightfulone (United States) -Sanden Gonza: soundcloud.com/killastarf (France) -Rylee Rabbit: soundcloud.com/rylee-rabbit (Germany) -Infinite Split: soundcloud.com/infinitesplit (United States) -Gerraldinho: soundcloud.com/gerraldinho (Germany/Spain) -amor, est.: soundcloud.com/amor-est (United […]

Jean Michel Jarre World Tour 2010 Live Pics – Leipzig Germany

via Marko of Retrosound.de „here are some pics from the J.-M. Jarre concert in Leipzig (Germany) yesterday. 3 Synthex, 2 Minimoog, 2 ARP 2600, ARP 2500, Macbeth M5, Moog Modular, Eminent 310, Mellotron , JD-800, Jupiter-4, VP330, Korg PS, Jupiter-8 , Little Phatty, Moog Liberation and more“ You can find a post by Jean Michel Jarre’s mentioning the Leipzig concert on his official blog here. BTW, you might recognize Retrosound from his excellent synth videos frequently posted here on MATRIXSYNTH. Be sure to check out his synth site, retrosound.de. Quelle: matrixsynth.blogspot.com Tweet