Modular Gameboy

YouTube Video von RustyNex this is a modular gameboy that i built. its a cut down gameboy pocket in a box without the amplifier, LCD, LCD regulator, battery compartment and controls. the advantage is that i can plug in as little or as much as i want to into it. so if i want to use it just as a LSDJ master i can just plug in a cartridge and a network cable, or use it as a full gameboy like in this video. also it is pitch bent because there was loads of free space. later on it will […]

Nuby reverb box for the gameboy

YouTube Video von RustyNex this is a reverb or echo generator i built for my gameboy. it is made from a nuby amplifier. the insides have been taken out and fitted with the reverb circuit as well as a 1/4″ jack socket and power regulator to step down the 9v battery to a steady 5v. the red dial controls the volume of the reverb, the blue controls the duty cycle, Tweet