Dioptrics – Dubstep.net EXCLUSIVE mix

Dioptrics is back, and the elite force of aliens known as Abducted Records have been asked to join forces with Dubstep.net for one sonic broadcast that has been initiated with the intent of eradicating all audible frequencies of any human within hearing distance of the transmission. Sonic warfare is what you can expect from start to finish, we hope you are ready. Make sure you keep our ears peeled for the full announcement of the DubstepCuresCancer compilation. the ones included in the mix are marked „+DCC“. Biggup to all of our fam around the galaxy. Hope you enjoy this, and don’t mind […]

Oh No by Jakk – Dubstep.NET Exclusive

A wildly pounding rhythmic sub-bass underlines the piercing, circus-esque wobbles, all of which are accompanied by powerful, incredibly punchy drum samples. The verse sections are perfectly timed to allow a necessary recovery from the fierce drop onslaughts, mixing in a tinkling piano line before continuing with the room shaking baseline. Superbly produced with an extremely catchy swung groove, „Oh No“ is the latest free download from Jakk, available for download exclusively through Dubstep.NET. Follow Jakk: SC: jakK Tweet

Airwolf – Triple J Mix Up Exclusive

Aired on Triple J (Australia) January 28, 2012 Nina Las Vegas: „Out of Melbourne, Airwolf is a damn fine multi-tasker! Not only is he an active social photographer (www.airwolfparadise.com), producer and remixer, Airwolf can DJ very. damn. well. His single ‚Believer‘ is out in March on Ajax’s Sweat It Out label , keep an ear out for this young gun. We’ll be hearing a lot more from him!“ http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/mixup/blog/stories/s3417409.htm Tracklist: Hoes Get Down – High Powered Boys Come 2 Me – Patrick Alavi Make Love Tonight (Lifelike Re-Edit) – Roman D’Amour Beating Hearts (Louis La Roche Remix) – Ocelot Ultra […]