eBay: Korg Electribe MX EMX-1 Groovebox Production Station

Ab: 1 Euro Link direkt zur Auktion: http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180626452527 Verkaufe Gebrauchte Korg EMX 1 aus Nichtraucher Studio. Die EMX ist so gut wie neu kaum benutzt, verkaufe Sie nur weil ich leider momentan kaum zeit für mein Hobby habe. Das Gerät ist voll Funktionstüchtig und es ist eine Anleitung und ein Netzteil mit dabei. Hier noch die Technischen Infos: # Speicher: 256 Patterns, 64 Songs # Soudengine: Klangerzeugungsprinzip: MMT, basierend auf analog Modeling Technologie und PCM Wellenformen. # Anzahl der Parts: 16, davon 9xDrums & Percussion, 5xSynthesizer, 2xAccent # Zusätzlich 2 zuschaltbare analoge Röhren im Master-out-Bereich. # Sequenzer: max. 128 Steps […]

Dj Zohar Live for Youtube 2010 – Korg electribe EMX x 2

djolezohar | 13. Juni 2010 My first live act session video attempt for youtube. Recorded with Canon 500D and 5DmkII(club shots – thanx to Bane and Borko). Including clips from club Wash Belgrade live gig. !!!CHECK !!! http://soundcloud.com/djzohar – for full length live act audio recording!!! Gear used: Korg electribe EMX x2 Korg Radias synth(in the club) Vestax PCM-37Pro mixer Behringer Sonic Exciter T.C. Electronic C300 compressor Tweet

Korg EMX-1: creating basic 80s sequence

TheSynthFreq | 25. September 2010 This is a short video about the basic steps to writing an 80s drum pattern with the Korg EMX. Also explained, is the process of using a synthesizer to record the bass line in to the EMX. The EMX sends midi data back to the synth, for a more realistic 80s bass patch. The pattern shown is 4 measures but up to 8 measures are available on the EMX, the Roland Alpha Juno was used to enter the bass line into the EMX, then the EMX sent the midi data back to the Juno and […]

Two New Korg Electribes Messe 2010

EMX-1 SD and ESX-1 SD offer artist-created patterns and SD card data storage Here’s Korg’s press release… Korg’s popular Electribe pattern-based music production stations have earned respect among electronic musicians across every genre. Now revitalized with up-to-the-minute patterns and massive SD data storage, these versatile music makers are now better than ever. Introducing the tube-driven ELECTRIBE-MX SD (EMX-1 SD) and ELECTRIBE-SX SD (ESX-1 SD). As more and more musicians adopted the Electribes as part of their audio arsenal, Korg teamed up with cutting-edge creative artists from around the world to deliver fresh beats, patterns and even Electribe SX (ESX-1) samples. […]

PC und Mac – Open Electribe Editor coming..

Open Electribe Editor. is in the making, there’s nothing up yet, but the former Tribe ESX Organizer will be ported to Mac and PC at the same time and be posted soon. I am happy!  Check this till then: Skratchdot » Open Electribe Editor Its a Java App, then.. ______________________ Tribe MX: there is an Editor also.. korg–3208  E L E C T R I B U L A T O R – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Enhancer and polyphonisator for electribe EMX-1, 100% written in Java and using the […]