December​.​EP by Birdview Crew – Free Download

Immediate download of 18-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire. •Birdview Crew’s last release for the year 2O12. We all would like to thank every single follower for all your support.. thanks!! Dec.EP-Snippet: • • • • •Do us a pleasure an share our new album to support all the BVC-Artists, Peace credits released 01 December 2012 ______________________________________ December.EP Crew-Member: -Khryo: (France) -Ryddm: (Germany) -Afryx_Q: (Italy) -Bwoy De Bhajan: (Denmark) -Don Monnet: (Germany) -Rootkit: (Norway) -Maximoe: (Netherlands/Germany) -Gimmik (Plairme): (United States) -Climbing Clouds: (United States) -Cap Kendricks: (Germany) -Insightful: (United States) -Sanden Gonza: (France) -Rylee Rabbit: (Germany) -Infinite Split: (United States) -Gerraldinho: (Germany/Spain) -amor, est.: (United […]

ADSR – Seekae Video

ADSR – Seekae from Tooths on Vimeo. In this episode of ADSR we meet Sydney electronic trio Seekae in their Sydney City studio. They go through the process of writing ‚+Dome‘ – their 2nd album. You’ll find out what plugins and hardware they use, how they make their loops/samples and how they bring it all together to perform live using Ableton Live. For more on Seekae head to – ADSR’s next episode: Jonti – talks about Digital Performer’s Polar, the Moog Opus, Roland SP-404, his debut album ‚Twirligig‘ and his live show. Tweet