UniTy Rec. Freitags Gewinnspiel – Jetzt Mitmachen und Gewinnen!

Und es geht weiter mit unserer Freitags-Gewinnspiel-Reihe. Es gibt nun jeden Freitag eine Verlosung Exklusiv für euch! Zu Gewinnen gibt es einen „Numark – HF-125 DJ-Kopfhörer“ Zum Teilnehmen einfach HIER KLICKEN: http://bit.ly/NcYRmS Hier gibt es alle Infos über den HF-125: http://www.unityrec.de/shop/Kopfhoerer/DJ-Studio-Kopfhoerer/Numark-HF-125-DJ-Kopfhoerer::3650.html Tweet

Numark Orbit Controller | NAMM 2013 First Look

It’s media preview day at the Winter NAMM convention and Numark is rolling out a brand-new controller. About the size of a handheld video game controller, the wireless handheld Numark Orbit is entering the world of secondary controllers for DJs and producers. Read more and watch our exclusive first look video inside! Hier bei der Quelle geht es weiter: www.djtechtools.com Tweet

Numark iDJ3 Software controller and audio interface

with dock for iPod and iPhone Numark has announced iDJ3, their new DJ software controller and USB computer audio interface. Chris Roman, Numark’s product development manager, told us, „iDJ3 offers unparalleled function and ease for the aspiring DJ looking for a complete, compact controller solution.“ Here’s all the details in Numark’s own words… iDJ3 is a complete DJ system capable of mixing music from a Mac or PC. The system can also playback music from an iPod or iPhone, as well as record music mixes directly to iPod or iPhone. iDJ3’s classic two-turntables-and-a-mixer setup allows DJs of all levels to […]