176 DMX Universes controlled with MADRIX – Colosseum Jakarta

Kinetic 3D Chandelier of 176 DMX Universes controlled with 22 x MADRIX Luna + MADRIX Ultimate. The project was developed from the design to the installation and opening night show by LEDsCONTROL. A full range of Clay Paky Sharpy and Alpha Spot, GLP Impression-4 moving lights, lasers, Megatron CO2 effect and more than 26,000 pixels are part of this world class nightclub.

EUROLITE LED Pixel Tube 360° Video


EUROLITE LED Pixel Tube 360° @ PULS Nightclub in Sweden from Inner Circle Distribution on Vimeo. More infos about the used products at PULS Nightclub Eurolite LED Pixel Tube 360° -Lightweight plastic tube perfect for truss installation or ceilings 360° beam angle, available in clear and milky -Equipped with 64 TCL LEDs, every tube is divided in 16 pixels with 4 LEDs each -Functions: static colors, RGB color blend, internal programs, dimmer and strobe settings via DMX, Master/Slave -Controlable via optional EUROLITE LED PSU-24V/10 DC controller needed for operating the unit -10 LED Pixel Tubes 360° can be used with […]

TESSERACT aka HyperCube Video


TESSERACT aka HyperCube from 1024 on Vimeo. In mathematics, the tesseract is the four-dimensional version of the cube. What the square is to the cube, the cube is to the tesseract. A tri-dimentional array of moving light mounted in an open scaffold construction are able to turn in any direction. Within the cube shape, the spotlights evoke a futuristic world. The installation is in fact no longer sculpture but motion itself: an ever-evolving state of shape and space of which the spectator is a part. The installation offers a new way of seeing the urban environment and literally invests everyday […]

Co-Lightshow by LightManager94 & Airpool95! (NR. 2)

Next Episode of Light Technology 😀 Time Code Lightshow to „Amaranth“ by Nightwish. ENJOY! Equipment: 4 x Showtec Phantom 250 Spot 6 x ADJ Inno Color Beam LED 1 x Stairville Nova Spot 250 2 x Futurelight PLB 230 1 x Blinder 4-lite (Showtec MultiDim MK III) 5 x Stairville LED Par 56 10mm 2 x Eurolite LED FE 600 2 x Varytec Gigabar II Controlled by LumiDMX Power: 16 A CEE ca. 8 KW Tweet

SHOWTEC,Time-coded Lightshow NEW! Video


SHOWTEC,Time-coded Lightshow NEW! -1- from ShowGear on Vimeo. This video is made @ The Highlite Dealer Days 2013. Its about the Time-coded Lightshow in the Brand New showroom of Highlite International! (Lightshow 1 of 3) [Music: Zedd-Clarity feat. Foxes (Tiesto Remix)] Tweet

Viele neue SHOWLASER im UniTy Rec. Programm

Wir haben für euch viele neue Laser im Programm und unser Showlaser Sortiment wächst momentan täglich. Vom Einsteiger Laser bis zum Profi Laser ist alles vorhanden, auch für jeden Geldbeutel ist das passende dabei. Guck mal bei uns im Shop vorbei wenn euch Lasershows auch so Faszinieren und Ihr eure Lichtshow schon immer mit einem Laser erweitern wolltet. Hier geht es direkt in unseren Shop zu den Showlasern: http://www.unityrec.de/shop/Licht/Lichteffekte/Laser:::83_84_85.html Zurzeit führen wir folgende Marken: Amercian DJ, BriteQ, Empire Lighting, Eurolite, JB Systems, Martin, MediLas und viele mehr….  Was ihr über Laser wissen solltet: Lasershow Als Lasershow bezeichnet man den Einsatz von […]