Doepfer A-143-2 Quad ADSR controlling 3 LPGs

Doepfer A-143-2 Quad ADSR controlling 3 LPGs from katavist on Vimeo. This is a fairly basic (and visually boring, sorry) demo of the A-143-2, showing one of many possible uses. The patch was rather complex with Wiard Malekko Anti-Oscillator as the only audio-source, Wiard Malekko Borg Filter in LPG mode, PlanB Model 13 (both gates), MakeNoise Maths voltage mirroring MFB Dual LFO random output – this output and the mirrored cv were mixed by a Doepfer A-138c Polarizing Mixer (with additional inputs from diy 8 step sequencer and Bugbrand Ctl-1 as 4 step 3 track sequencer) all controlling Anti-Osc pitch… […]

Alien Effects mit Doepfer Dark Energy

YouTube Video von rpocc „Instrument may be used to produce some weapon or etherial screaming sounds.“ Modulated sequence on Doepfer Dark Energy „Demonstration of DE’s amplitude modulation possibilities. No external effects or mastering, just module (With exception of single short moment)“ Sweet leads using Doepfer Dark Energy „Short demonstration of generic old-school lead sounds with stereo BBD-delay (Electro-Harmonics Memory Man series).“ Quelle: Tweet

Doepfer Dark Energy Destruction Videos

YouTube von atmosonic. „Let’s see how ugly this synth can get.“ „Just received my Doepfer: Dark Energy. Thought I’d give it a go.“ „I ran my guitar into my Roland GP-100 then to the Doepfer Dark Energy. I set the VCO PW and the VCF to be controlled by the Moog MP-201. Tested chords, arps and single notes.“ Quelle: Tweet

NAMM 2010 Doepfer DIY Synth And More

Always nice to see Mr Doepfer at the shows, no matter what, he’s always cheerful and surrounded by a mountain of modular gear. This year he was also showing off the new Doepfer DIY synth, the touch keyboard and a couple of other gems – never one to let the grass grow and all that. More Information Quelle: Tweet