Ableton präsentiert: Minilogue im Studio

Ableton präsentiert via Youtube zwei Filme, in dem uns das schwedische Duo Minilogue einen Einblick in sein Studio auf dem Land in der Nähe von Malmö gibt und mit welcher Hard- und Software es arbeitet. In Clip #1 präsentieren uns Sebastian Mullaert und Markus Henriksson die herrlich abgelegene Lage ihres Studio und reden über Inspirationen, Kreativität etc. Clip #2 zeigt ihr Set-up und wie sie arbeiten …     Quelle: Tweet

Ableton Push: New Hardware Controller for Live

Ableton’s just announced a dedicated control surface for Live called “Push”. After engineering trusted software for years, they now aim to solve an old problem with a new hardware solution: how to make a song from scratch. DJ TechTools attended a private preview of the new offerings last week in Berlin, where Push was described as “a hardware instrument for playing and composing with Live”. Keep reading for a full look at the hardware, including the full video walkthrough from Ableton. In the new electronic world of chips and bits, where many modern musicians create their art predominantly in a computer, […]

Chris Liebing: How I Play Video Interview by: DJ Tech Tools

At soundcheck before his recent San Francisco show, we had a chance to get German techno producer and DJ Chris Liebing to walk us through his entire workflow including: two laptops running Traktor, Ableton, and Maschine, two Allen and Heath K2s, a Faderfox and more. Check out his extremely modular setup and hear how he uses all four channels on his Xone:92 mixer at the same time to great success – all in the video after the jump. Quelle: Tweet

Ableton Competition, What can you create in ONE DAY?

About the Competition Ableton has teamed up with SoundCloud and collaborated with some of our favorite artists for this very special contest. A free Live Pack featuring sounds from atmospheric pop titan M83, indie electronic stars Junior Boys, and LA beatmaker Nosaj Thing is available to all Live users from May 14th through May 28th. Use these loops, stems and presets to create a new, original track. One catch: you only have 24 hours to create and submit your work. The countdown starts with your download. Get your creative juices flowing and show us what you can do in just […]

DJ TechTools: How I Play: Datsik Interview

A few weeks ago we had a chance to sit down with the Canadian-based dubstep DJ and producer Datsik for an extensive interview. He dropped some great production knowledge in the interview, as well well as discussing how he performs live using Ableton Live, a Launchpad, and a custom mapping for a DJM-900. Special thanks to Datsik for sitting down with us at the I Love This City festival in Mountain View!  You can check out and buy Datsik’s tracks, including the ones featured in this video, on his Beatport page! If you enjoyed this piece, check out some of the other awesome […]

Robot Koch: Beats in the Details

Whether positioning a clap and snare hit just slightly off time, or using a ripped up piece of paper for percussion, it’s the little things that give Robot Koch’s beats such a deep, unique signature. Koch demonstrates the many individual tweaks in Live that make up his unique grooves. Tweet

Ableton veröffentlicht Amp

Neuer Ableton-Effekt für realistische Gitarrenverstärker- und -Boxen-Sounds Der Audio-Effekt Amp liefert Live-8-Anwendern Wärme und Druck – einfach und unkompliziert. Das gemeinsam mit Softube entwickelte Plug-In bildet den Klang und die einfache Bedienung legendärer Gitarrenverstärker und -Boxen originalgetreu nach. Ableton hat wie üblich das Wesentliche erfasst: Ton, Lebendigkeit, Charakter. So gibt man seiner Musik schnell die richtige Portion Schmutz, ohne lange über Parameter nachzudenken. Zum Lieferumfang von Amp gehört Cabinet: ein separater Effekt, der eine Auswahl klassischer Gitarren-Boxen nebst frei platzierbarer Mikrofone bereitstellt. Abgerundet wird das Paket durch eigens programmierte Sounds, die Abletons Instrumente und Effekte dank Amp ganz neu klingen […]

The Bridge – Refine Your Mixtapes

AbletonInc | 21. September 2010 Ableton and Serato present The Bridge — a natural link between Ableton Live and Serato Scratch Live. DJ Eskei83 shows how The Bridge allows a DJ to tweak multiple parameters from a Serato Scratch Live mix, resulting in a perfectly refined mixtape. Tweet

bleton Amp: Amplifier Add-on for Live Goes Minimal, Dirty, Integrated

Dirty and minimal – that’s how I’d describe first impressions of Amp, the just-announced Ableton amp modeling add-on for Live, available a la carte or free with Live Suite. It appears at first glance to be just what you’d expect: it’s a radically simplified user interface for modeling amplifiers (“Amp”) and cabinets (“Cabinet”). (Hey, shouldn’t that have been Amp and Cab, or does that make people think of wine and taxis?) Or, as Ableton’s press release puts it, the aim is to “get good dirt, fast.” What you get in the add-on: Live-styled, minimal UIs, emphasizing essential parameters Inserts you […]

Ableton Gets Sax Appeal release a Live Pack with Bass, Tenor and Soprano saxes has a new Ableton Live Pack, Sax Appeal, with Three Saxophones, multisampled and velocity layered.Here’s what they have to say about it… The instruments were recorded with different microphone positions. So the sound of your saxophones can be altered steplessly according to the needs of your arrangement. Bass Sax: Keilwerth SX 90 Tenor Sax: Selmer Super Action 80 Serie II Soprano Sax: Yamaha YSS 675 Specifications Format: Ableton Live Pack Instruments: 3 No. of Samples: 338, (24 Bit/44 khz) Disk space needed: approx. 370 MB Pricing and Availability: […]