12. Longest DJ set
Respect is due to DJ Hertz, aka Matt Aitken (pictured). The Australian mixed tunes solidly for six and a half days – the time it takes most of us to fit in a whole week at the office in between raves. Even more impressively, he managed it without playing ‘Pon De Floor’ once.


11. Most ecstasy consumed 
We all know someone who’s claimed it, but the title belongs to ‘Mr A’. The anonymous wreck-head made medical history after necking an estimated 40,000 pills. Doctors reckon his 25-a-day habit resulted in sustained paranoia and memory loss. Possibly why he can’t remember his real name.


10. Youngest club DJ 
Ever feel like DJs are getting younger? Jack Hill made his club debut at the tender age of seven, and has since bagged a radio show and given a mixing tutorial on Newsround. His tastes span electro, dubstep and hip hop, but he’s been known to drop ‘Bob The Builder’ on request.


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