ULTRA Music Festival 2014 Featuring Eurolite, Hazebase & MADRIX


ULTRA Music Festival 2014 Featuring Eurolite, Hazebase & MADRIX from Inner Circle Distribution on Vimeo.

MIAMI – From the Mega Arch to the Mega Structure, Inner Circle distributed products helped set the stage at this year’s Ultra Music Festival: the Eurolite STP-10, Eurolite 2x100W COB Blinder, PMC-16 4×4 RGB Matrix, MADRIX Ultimate, Professional and hazebase hazers and foggers all contributed to a successful ULTRA 2014.

Over 300 Eurolite fixtures were used on four stages keeping the crowds raving at Ultra Music Festival 2014. Sixty four Eurolite PMC-16, the 30 watt COB LED 4×4 and thirty two Eurolite STP-10s, the 1×10 MR16 fixtures were deployed on the massive ULTRA 2014 main stage. The stage was designed by Richard Darryl Millstien, and the lighting design was masterfully executed by Steve Lieberman of SJ Lighting. The 30 watt 4×4 COB RGB Matrix from Eurolite have become a staple on the music festival scene. Lieberman plotted 64 PMC-16s, 2 on each of the 32 video panels, that turned the main stage into a huge LED vortex. In between the PMC-16s, Liberman used thirty two STP-10, consisting of a strip of MR-16 lamps, to complement the 4x4s. Multiple base*hazer*pros and high*powered foggers form hazebase helped create the perfect atmosphere for this massive lighting rig. Main Stage LD for the festival was Patrick Dierson. Visuals for the main stage were provided by Vello Virkhaus of V Squared labs.

SJ Lighting’s Steve Lieberman also designed lighting for the tenth anniversary of the Carl Cox Mega Structure and the popular Worldwide Stage. The popular Eurolite 2×100 COB LED Blinder outlined the line arrays, while MADRIX controlled the massive LED system in the Carl Cox Mega Structure. MADRIX handled control of all the LEDs and made the moving truss above the crowd come to life with amazing LED control. Dozens of LDs experienced the power of MADRIX in the Mega Structure. Hazebase provided the perfect atmosphere for the Mega Structure supplying the haze for this massive tent.

Taking the starring role on the Live Stage, the Eurolite’s STP-10s paired with LED fixtures provided striking results. LD Mike Smrcka took control of the PMC-16 and STP-10 for the entire weekend lineup.

Hazebase Touring fogger and base*hazer*pros were utilized on the UMF Radio Stage with Scott O’Connor holding down the LD role for the weekend.

The Heineken Experience featured one hundred and eighty Eurolite Pixel Tube 360 degree which turned the beer line into a full blown nightclub experience.

Making its debut on the EDM festival scene, MADRIX was used extensively at Ultra 2014. Steve Lieberman specified MADRIX on both the Carl Cox Mega Structure and Worldwide Stage. MADRIX definitely turned some heads with its amazing real time effects and ease of use. Used in conjunction with Grand MA lighting controllers, MADRIX provided it’s pixel magic and music to light features all night long. The ease of set up and patching, amazing led control and a level of flexibility makes MADRIX a rising favorite for LDs in live production. Arron Altmak assisted Lieberman in the patching and programming of MADRIX for the festival.

Paradigm supplied gear on the Live Stage, Beach Sound supplied gear for the UMF Radio Stage while AG Light & Sound provided gear for the Main Stage, Worldwide Stage-Mega Arch and Carl Cox Mega Structure. Photos by ASK Media

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