Roland’s New AIRA: TR-8, TB-3, VT-3 & System-1 Revealed


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Enough of the teasing already. We can finally tell you all about the new Roland AIRA series, a group of meticulously modeled digital instruments based on the legendary Roland “xox” series — analog classics like the TB-303 Bassline and TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines, pieces that kicked off entire genres of dance music. The new TB-3, TR-8 and VT-3 Voice Transformer will be available in March, with the System-1 synth, inspired by the old SH-101, following in May or June.



TR-8 Rhythm Performer

Inspired by: TR-808 Rhythm Composer and TR-909 Rhythm Composer
Available: March 2014
Street Price: $499
Key details: Faithfully reproduces the original sounds, controls, and sequencing from the original drum machine while also adding new sounds, controls, performance tools and modern technology.


TB-3 Touch Bassline

Inspired by: TB-303 Bassline
Available: March 2014
Street Price: $299
Key details: Models the TB-303 down to the individual circuit, including the filter, oscillators, Accent, Slide and step sequencer behavior. Uses a pressure-sensitive touchpad segmented by backlights to input notes for patterns and for spontaneous effect tweaking of playing patterns. 134 total sounds, not just TB-303 sounds.


VT-3 Voice Transformer

Inspired by: VP-330 Vocoder Plus and other vocal processors
Available: March 2014
Street Price: $199
Key details: 10 voice settings — including Robot, Vocoder, Auto Pitch, Megaphone and Radio — with quick editing via sliders for pitch, formant, mix balance and reverb.


System-1: Plug-Out Synthesizer

Inspired by: System 100 and SH-101
Available: May or June 2014
Street Price: $599
Key details: 4-oscillator synth where all parameters are controllable with physical knobs and sliders. Arpeggiator with new Scatter phrase variation. Integrated effects and tempo syncing. Can load Roland plug-in synths, so they can be played without a computer.

Watch our exclusive performance video that we captured at NAMM 2014 in the Roland suite – complete with annotations on what’s happening:

Hier bei der Quelle geht es weiter:

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