Purchase “Psymbionic Presents: Neurovation”

Gravitas Recordings and Psymbionic have teamed up to create a unique charity compilation record, titled “Neurovation”. Charity:Water, whose goal is to make clean water easily accessible to rural villages and developing nations, will receive one hundred percent of the proceeds. Spanning a wide spectrum of electronic music, this collection of tracks includes a fusion of multiple bass heavy genres. Gravitas is founded on the idea that creativity fueled by passion and collaboration will produce a positive impact on the world community. Neurovation fulfills these intentions with an international team of talented producers coming together to produce a quality compilation of original songs for an amazing cause.

1. Mr. Bill – Cheyah
2. edIT – Pound 4 Pound
3. Govinda – Another Night Gone
4. Gramatik – 23 Flavors
5. Psymbionic – Luminous
6. Starkey – Resident 27
7. Sugarpill – Farther
8. SPL and Eye D – Incoming
9. Mochipet – King Ghidorah
10. ONE4ALL & The Digital Connection – Returning to Inspiration
11. Minnesota – Stardust
12. Gladkill – Cruise Control
13. Unlimited Gravity – Cataplessa
14. Russ Liquid – Doce Tristeza
15. Cryptex – Breaker
16. Knight Riderz – Love Is Blind
17. Kraddy – Operation Prometheus

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