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Sometimes you get what you pay for- but once in a while, you get a gift. A real gift; one that doesn’t suck, and if you enjoy that gift enough, you may decide to give back. That’s the scenario with Mixxx, the open-source DJ software that offers one of the best free alternatives to the big commercial programs. Its well-rounded feature set and impressive results make it an outstanding introduction to digital DJing or a streamlined solution for laptop-only performance. Let’s examine its latest features and the overall package.

Reviewed: Mixxx 1.10.1 open-source DJ software
Price: Free
Sample Rates: 44.1, 48, or 96 kHz
Audio formats: Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV, AIFF, with recording available.
Live Streaming: Via Shoutcast or Icecast (Streaming or recording to MP3 requires a third-party LAME encoding tool.)
Replay Gain: Normalization of track audio levels is available in Preferences.
System Requirements (Recommended):2 GHz or faster CPU, 1 GB RAM, soundcard with 2 audio outputs, Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or 7 (32- or 64-bit) / Mac OS X 10.6 or later / Linux: Mixxx officially supports Ubuntu Linux. However, Mixxx can build on almost any Linux distribution.

The Good: Very good results for tempo and beat detection, beat syncing, keylock, quantize, and other types of processing. Beatgrid adjustment. Looping and sampler decks. Mic input with talkover button. Traktor and iTunes library integration. Supports multiple audio interfaces. Decent configuration options. Recording of sets. The “free” version is the “full” version.

The Bad: No multi-effects engine. Limited number of MIDI controller mappings available. Somewhat complicated MIDI mapping scheme. No 4-deck support yet.

The Bottom Line: What’s more important than your money? Your time. Obviously, it costs you nothing to download and try Mixxx, yet this long-running open source project makes it worth your while if you seek an easy-to-use, but still fairly powerful program. It’s great for Internet radio or other laptop-only uses. DVS, CDJ, and growing MIDI controller support also make it an attractive performance option for resourceful DJs and Linux users….

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