Almost two years ago to the date after Tokyo break beat duo HIFANA eschewed their turntables for Nike Free Run+ sneakers as beat makers, TURNTABLE RIDER is pushing the concept further. Produced by engineers at COGOO, a Japanese bike sharing system managed by Relations Inc.,TURNTABLE RIDER essentially realigned DJ essentials onto a converted BMX bike – the wheels become jog wheels, brakes are now sound pad, and the gyroscopic motion sensor doubles as the fader pad. Lastly, the music samples are wirelessly feed into the system via Apple iPhone or iPod. As videos of early test runs show below, simple bike rides are now musical performances with rider’s full involvement. All packaged in a Pelican hard case, the TURNTABLE RIDER will debut atKAIKOO POPWAVE FESTIVAL 2012 later this month through live performance by Japanese BMX rider Kotaro and DJ Baku.

Quelle: www.freshnessmag.com

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