Interview with Culprate by: the dubstep extravaganza

A couple of weeks ago Culprate performed at Step Right Dub in Breda. Despite the massive snowfall and frost that week, which was making it hard to ride a bike or perhaps even get home alive while too drunk… It luckily didn’t matter! The party was a success and once again a new milestone for organization and local Dubstep scene.

Beside this night currently hosted in the Mezz, the SRD crew is also hosting an event called „Steppers Delight“ in De Boulevard. During this free monthly and often packed event they invite upcoming talent from in and around Holland. It has to be said that they’re providing a steady stream of quality Dubstep parties in Breda. Names that have performed at events by Step Right Dub are people like: Goth-Trad, Dream, Stagga, Stinkahbell, Asa, Teknian, Habstrakt and thus Culprateaswell.

Culprate was willing to do an interview with us during that night, so we did it. Eventually the audio file didn’t get recorded and agonizingly enough i’ve found about this afterwards. (Not my best day it was haha) Yet Culprate has been so kind to once more do the interview, so here it is 🙂

1. Tell us more about yourself, like where you grew up, how you got involved with music and how you eventually got into production?

I grew up in a small town just north of London called Watford. Since I was a toddler my Mum was always in bands and I guess it just rubbed off on me.. I’ve always loved listening to music and also loved the technology used to make it. When I left school and started a music course I soon realised the potential of computers in music. From then on i’ve been hooked..

hier geht es bei der Qulle mit dem Interview weiter:

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