Dubstep and EDM Make History at the Grammys

The 54th Grammy Awards are over, the winners have been announced, and the results might be a bit shocking to some. Electronic Dance Music and, specifically, dubstep had a huge presence in this year’s ceremonies.

Skrillex walked away with 3 Grammys of his own [he was nominated for 5, including Best New Artist], officially making him the first dubstep [brostep?] artist to win a Grammy. Later in the ceremonies, Deadmau5 played with the Foo Fighters and David Guetta backed up Chris Brown and Lil Wayne.

I think it’s safe to say that electronic music is officially part of the mainstream conscience, but I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s always great to hear about new people discovering EDM and becoming passionate about the genre, but this wider fan base will also inevitably lead to more commercialization. This typically leads to the big name record labels pushing artists with generic, watered-down sounds, which in turn helps to fracture the genre….

mehr gibt es hier bei der Quelle: dubstep101.com

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