Free Electro Bass Sample Pack

Fat and dirty one-shot bass tone samples from Simplosive

Loopbased has re-released Simplosive’s Electro Basssample pack and tell us that it’s now permanently available for free.

A spokesperson told Sonic State, „After four highly successful percussive sample packs we are entering round five with „Electro Bass“, a huge collection of fat and dirty one-shot bass tone samples. Electro Bass“ includes 300 sub-shaking one-shot bass sounds including static basses, bass stabs, bass chords and bass sweeps. All recorded in pristine 24 bit and in key of C.“

Electro Bass features:

  • 300 high-quality samples, 24 bit, 44.1 kHz, stereo
  • Recorded in the key of C

Pricing and Availability:
Free download

More information:


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