eBay: Kurzweil SP2X Stage Piano 88 Tasten Top Zustand wie Neu

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Verkaufe hier mein Kurzweil SP2X Stage Piano. Genutzt wurde das SP2X nur als Kontroller in einem Nichtraucher Studio. Das Gerät ist ca. 3 Jahre alt und leider kaum benutzt worden. Und genau das ist auch der Grund warum ich mich davon trenne. Da ich eh so gut wie nie zeit habe etwas zu Musizieren und das Gerät dafür viel zu schade ist. Optisch und Technisch ist das Stage Piano in einem Top zustand. Es sind lediglich leichte unvermeidliche Gebrauchsspuren vorhanden. Das Original Netzteil ist dabei so wie der KFP-1 Single Piano-Style Footswitch Pedal und Anleitung.

Gerne kann das Stage Piano in 40764 Langenfeld angeguckt und getestet werden. Artikel wird nicht Versendet da es zu Groß ist und der Versand meiner Meinung nach zu riskant ist. Von daher bitte nur Selbstabholung. Wenn es dennoch unbedingt versendet werden soll muss der Käufer sich um den Versand Kümmern bzw. Abholung!

SP2X Overview

Superior Technology on the Inside
Elegant Simplicity on the Outside
The Best…

The SP2X delivers the legendary Kurzweil sound, with all of its detail and refinement, in a digital stage piano which is both professional and easy to use. Using the next generation of Kurzweil technology, the SP2X provides some of our best sounds: pianos, EPs, strings, pads, mallets and voices, all available at the touch of a button.
The Sound and Feel…

Endless hours of engineering and sample editing went into our Triple Strike Grand Piano sound, and it shows. Behind the scenes, the SP2X’s powerful synth engine brings these samples to life and makes them sing. The result is an instrument which not only sounds like, but feels like a real piano.

64 note polyphony ensures that notes will continue sounding even under high demand performance situations.

A USB interface allows the SP2X to connect to a computer (Mac or PC) for complete MIDI performance and OS updates.
World Class Effects…

The SP2X features Kurzweil’s renowned effects processing technology, the same leading-edge technology found in all of our professional products. The SP2X’s effects can put the right finish on any sound whether it’s crystal clear or warm and organic. Nothing else in the industry even comes close in this department.
Drum Patterns and Rhythms…

Ideal for both practice and songwriting, the SP2X comes equipped with 64 pre-recorded drum grooves, rhythms and adjustable metronome.

Suggested Retail Price: $1390

SP2X Features
Keyboard:     88-note, fully-weighted hammer-action, with velocity sensitive adjustable keys
Display:     7-segment 3-digit LED
Polyphony:     64 Voice Polyphony, dynamically allocated
Multitimbral:     16 parts (one per MIDI channel)
Factory Presets:     64 Programs
MIDI Setups:     16 user setup locations with 4 programmable zones for splits, layers and rhythms
Effects:     Dual Processors (A & B) offering: 58 Reverbs, 6 Delays, 10 Choruses, 6 Flangers, 3 Phasors, 4 Shapers, 2 Enhancers, 8 Filtered Effects, 4 Distortions, 1 Mono>Stereo, 3 Wide Stereo, 4 Compressors, 2 Panners, 7 Rotarys, Stereo Tremolo, and 44 combination effects chains utilizing Kurzweil1s unique Laserverb
Metronome:     Yes
Drum Grooves:     64 pre-programmed patterns
Controllers:     Pitch wheel, modulation wheel, 4 front panel knobs, 1 switch-pedal input, 1 continuous control pedal input
Analog Outputs:     Two 1/4″ balanced TRS analog (24-bit DACs)
Headphones:     Back panel, 1/4″ headphone output
MIDI:     In, Out, Thru
USB:     Complete MIDI functionality over USB as well as OS updates (both Mac & PC)
FREE OS Updates:     OS updates over USB and/or over MIDI

SP2X Specifications
Height:     (4.96″) (12.60 cm)
Depth:     (13.29″) (33.75 cm)
Length:     (55.59″) (141.20 cm)
Weight:     (48.50 lb.) (22 kg)
Power:     External AC power supply

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