Korg Monotribe Adds Patterns and Sync, Wavedrum Mini is On-the-go Drum

Want to win over electronic sound geeks? Korg’s found a simple formula: give them a steady diet of compact, affordable, fun toys that can also be serious sound tools. And so, Korg actually manages to upstage some “bigger” tech announcements this week with some good, clean gear candy. Aside from the expected Monotribe, there’s the unexpected Wavedrum Mini. You’ve probably already seen the Korg Monotribe, the follow-up to the stocking stuffer analog handheld, the Monotron. It’s been leaked and teased as the words “under strict embargo” have come to mean in the music tech blogosphere “publish as quickly as possible.” […]



gefunden im Busy P Blog: Dear Disney people, You know i love you (we all do) But Walt! Come on! How can you take my robots friends so far away from good taste ? I am 100% sure the Daft boys were not involved in this side (sad) porject Of course some of it is nice, and you know there are some of my friends on this CD. But this is not enough! A masterpiece like TRON soundtrack deserved the best and I am sad to discover the A&R at Disney records is apparently buying most of his electronic music […]