Elektron Octatrack is Coming…

„The Octatrack offers a variety of machines, each designed to fill a specific function. The machines can be assigned to the eight available tracks in any combination. Here some of them and their functionality are presented.

Flex machines offer the most extensive sound manipulation possibilities. A sample used within a Flex machine is loaded to the RAM memory of the Octatrack. From there it can be twisted, stretched, warbled and reassembled in multiple ways. Flex machines are unbeatable sound processors.

Static machines are the perfect tool for handling extremely large samples. Samples assigned to Static machines are streamed from the Compact Flash card, thus their size can be in the order of gigabytes. Of course you can time stretch and pitch scale them as needed.

Thru machines do not sample or play back sounds. Instead they let the Octatrack affect incoming audio with the dual FX blocks. Two powerful FX chains each consisting of up to four linked tracks, totalling eight effects per chain, can be formed.

The Octatrack will feature special machines for recording audio from the four external inputs. These machines can be used as strange effect devices, intricate loopers or as simple audio recorders. They will allow for quick assembling of audio structures. “

Flex machine 1
by Elektron

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