Acid Washed x Danger

Acid Washed x Danger

One of my all-time favorite producers is back, “cementing his reputation as the dark horse of the French electronic scene”, to paraphrase the press release: Danger recently put his magic remix fingerprint on Acid Washed‘s self-titled release, resulting in what can be best described as a baroque future sci-fi organ harpsicord madness. Record Makers are celebrating their 10th birthday and are therefore generously giving away this gem for free – more remixes by the likes of The Hacker, Daniel Haaksman and Ed Banger’s Mickey Moonlight, so you might want to check out the entire EP.

Editor’s note: This track is certainly not designed to be raped by your MacBook speakers, so please give it a listen on a proper stereo or headphones.

Acid Washed – Acid Washed (Danger Remix)

Quelle und Track Download hier:

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