Korg EMX-1: creating basic 80s sequence

TheSynthFreq | 25. September 2010

This is a short video about the basic steps to writing an 80s drum pattern with the Korg EMX. Also explained, is the process of using a synthesizer to record the bass line in to the EMX. The EMX sends midi data back to the synth, for a more realistic 80s bass patch.
The pattern shown is 4 measures but up to 8 measures are available on the EMX, the Roland Alpha Juno was used to enter the bass line into the EMX, then the EMX sent the midi data back to the Juno and the Juno’s sound is heard, not the EMX (synth part 1). I also couldn’t resist but to add the D-50 with some sparkling chords in to the mix.
Keep in mind that this is very basic, nothing fancy.
Please pardon my horrible explainations!

Please enjoy. 🙂
Have a synth-tastic weekend everyone!

🙂 TheSynthFreq

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