Machinedrum UW CTR-AL tweak demo „Control“ (Siesta Submarina)

TrondC | 22. Juli 2010

Pattern jam around the allmighty and highly experiment-friendly CTR-AL Machine in the Machinedrum UW. Shortly put, this feature lets me use one of the MD’s 16 tracks and control all parameters of all the other 15 tracks at once! SO, say I change the pitch in the CTR-AL machine, the effect is like I was turning 15 pitch knobs (1 for each other machine) at once, in perfect sync. Now, this machine works by controlling the coresponding parameter for each machine. meaning that since different machines have different parameters placed at the same relative spot (say, control knob #2 can be Decay for bassdrum, but Tone for a clap sound etc), this means that you get instand sonic mayhem at the tunr of a knob. In order to make this sound good instead of chaotic, is to learn what parameters are in use. I’m nowhere near knowing everything the way I want, but I know enough about the different sounds in the machinedrum so I have a certain clue what is going to happen. I’ll try and explain here, but really too much going on for me to remember, so don’t expect to be able to re-create this on your MD 😉

Machinedrum UW Techno – „Siesta Submarina – Nostromo“ dark experimental

TrondC | 21. August 2010

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