Korg microSTATION – drum fx preset 1-59 HQ

YouTube Video von triumphthruxton | 18. September 2010

drum fx preset 1-59, Korg microSTATION is a new workstation from Korg. I just got the first shipment to Europe and I have had the Korg M3 and the Korg M50 Workstation before. This is a light weight 2.5 kg/ 6lbs workstation/synthesizer with amazing sounds and a built in sequencer.

Pros: portabel and easy to use, amazing sounds from the bigger M3 series, sequencer, great software editor

Cons: mini keys, small LCD display

Everything recorder with a Korg SR1 Sound On Sound field recorder.

You can make a 16 channel song with drums, bass lines, leads, pads and so on. Use up to 5 effects and master effects and then save your work to a SD card. With the USB connection it can act as an VST in your DAW like Cubase, Logic, Live. Since I use it in a studio it is very easy to just put it in a bag and use it both at home and in the studio. I initially bought the Korg M50 but 7 kg/15 lbs was bulky since I also play bass guitar and use Cubase on my laptop, impossible to get all that equipment on the metro.

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