STYGG + The Integrals

Stygg is a post punkish electro outfit from Stockholm, Swedenlands consisting of brothers Johan Bring & David Strindberg. ‘Sleep’ is their new single which is best described as a haunted distorted beat crafted in the dark woods with analogs that got pushed to the limits becasue of rain and dirt and evil swedish spirits (we all know the forests are full of them here). What I’d like to see is a collab between these guys and Owl Vision, if you know what I mean?

Backed up by various remixes the single is up for grabs at Itunes, and one of them is the smooth bouncy techno tale signed the crazy looking Austrians The Integrals. Very good.

mp3 Stygg – Sleep (The Integrals Remix) (320 kbps)

Give the single a listen on spotify and pick it up at itunes!

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