Dubfluence 3 – Mixed By Jenai

I love that so many always ask me when the new Dubfluence is going to drop. It goes to show that most who like the hard, face shrinking bass are exactly the same people who appreciate and love the organic and deeper sound of Dubstep just like we do. Ego Thieves will never divide a sound/genre. We don’t like to talk about what we like, instead we support what we like by sharing it with you. Shimple. Here is Dubfluence 3, full of beautiful bass and just simply, amazing music all mixed by myself of course. Expect allot of mixes […]

Machination – Bassic Analogic

Fresh from the good old US of A is a brand new mix from recently established label Analogic recordings. With Machination himself along side a host of producers including Filth Collins, Marshy, Bassinine, Sir Paul, Triggy, Stinkahbell, Psy:am and Crtical Consciousness. This label have big plans to push new sounds here and across the pond. You can also expect to catch producers from the far corners of the world Alexisk and Majiika. You can download the mix directly from the below Soundcloud. RubADubDub, EgoThieves, and Analogic Recordings present: Bassic Analogic by djmachination Quelle: www.egothieves.com Tweet

Tomba – Disturbed [Exclusive]


No we haven’t gone anywhere lol. Ego Thieves is as strong as ever. Big ups to all those emailing asking whats going on whens the latest etc. Watch out for a news post later today to fill you all in. But now for more WORLD EXCLUSIVES! Brand new and only to be found right here, the bass crazy Tomba brings you his new mix called Disturbed. Warped bass, sub low wobbles and brain shaking sounds (and thats the polite way to describe it). Lots coming from Tomba from 2010 you can also check out his latest track here on Inspector […]

Robin DiMaggio and his Korg Wavedrum

YouTube Video von KorgUSAVideos You’ve heard master drummer/percussionist Robin DiMaggio play with such icons as Paul Simon, David Bowie, Johnny Cash, and he currently drums on „Lopez Tonight.“ Here, he demonstrates how the Korg Wavedrum has enhanced his playing. For more info, please visit www.korg.com/wavedrum. Tweet

KORG Kaossilator PRO Video

YouTube Video von KorgUSAVideos This is a fantastic video starring the Korg Kaossilator Pro. This video was originally posted by Korg Inc. with Japanese titles. Now you can enjoy the English version! Tweet