„1983“ by TSF

YouTube Video von TheSynthFreq

Hi. This is an „Italio Disco“ style 80s composition written 04-21-10. I LOVE Italio Disco by the way. 🙂
Pardon the delay in the beginning of the video, I had to go around the camera to start the Motif sequencer. This song also needs some refining but it was great fun to write. I intended to write an 80s dance style composition and came up with this. I will add more to it soon. Got LOVE THE 80s!!

Synths used: D-50: strings Alpha Juno- Synth lead (original/new) + delay/echo DX-9: FM bass (preset) EMX-1: 80’s track (new/original) Motif-6: ARP source for DX-9 CZ-5000: midi controller for Alpha Juno

🙂 TSF and her synths.

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