The Penelopes & Morpheus – Licked By Love

It’s about time to introduce to you a band that has been lonesomely loitering on my hard drive for too long now: I initially discovered The Penelopes thanks to Vitalic’s truly amazing This Is The Sound Of Citizen Mix that made me fall in love with their song Demian immediately (proving once again that I love everything somehow related to Vitalic). Apart from a few plays on iTunes’ shuffle mode, I somehow managed to completely forget about them until they released their second album Priceless Concrete Echoes on Citizen Records back in spring 2009 – an innovative, fresh piece of art showcasing the perfect fusion of electronic dance music and indie pop rock. Here’s a streaming only preview of Demian, just to get an idea what made me fall in love with the band in the first place:

The Penelopes – Demian (feat. Dierde)

Today marks the release of their latest EP, Licked By Love, collaborating with French artist Morpheus. The release features remixes by the likes of Linda Lamb and David Caretta, taken the song to an even higher level of awesomeness. Citizen Records seem to be feeling generous today, so here’s the Blister Boyz remix of Licked By Love in it’s full 320kbps glory:


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