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MiniSoftMusik release Extractor additive synthesizer with 4 oscillators

MiniSoftMusik have released Extractor which they describe as an additive synthesizer with 4 oscillators per 1-128 partials. Here’s the rest of what they have to say…

The waveforms can be extracted from every wavefile , if the wavefile is small (min 512 samples) the result is more like the original. It´s possible to save the result as a txt-file and to load it.

This synth has 4 oscillators that can be uses simultaneous and Extractor features a morph function that remembers a wave table or phase distortion. Other functions are a multimode filter ,flexibly tone distortion , a step sequenzer for note , attack and decay envelope. As effect there is a hq chorus. Orgel and digital piano presets are not included but this presets can be easy made with Extractor.

If you are interested in this synth more will come.The 21 on board presets shows the possibility, flexibility and a easy handling.

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