Elektron Monomachine Karplus Strong technique

YouTube Video von darenager

A very basic demo of how to do Karplus Strong synthesis using the Monomachine.

Not intended to be a musical perfomance just a demo of the technique, here’s how:

Start with a short sound, such as the GND Noise machine, set a short decay, turn the delay send up, set the delay time to the shortest possible, set the delay feedback at 64, in the key follow page set the delay time and DBAS to negative key follow – you can experiment here for different sounds.

Adjusting the various delay parameters will change the sound, keep the delay time short and feedback around 64, I made some percussive sounds, plucked string type sounds and FM sounding tones by experimenting with the settings. Have fun 😉

For more info on Karplus Strong see here:-


Thanks for watching

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