Musikmesse International Press Awards Announced

Best Audio And Music Products Of 2009 + 2010

This year’s Musikmesse International Press Awards (MIPA) have been announced – a selection of the best new audio and musical products of 2009/2010, as chosen by representatives of more than 100 magazines from all over the world.

Highlights of the awards include:

Most Innovative Product:

  • TC Electronic PolyTune

Studio Gear:

  • Studio Microphone: Neumann TLM 102
  • Studio Monitor (Near-field): Focal CMS 65
  • Recording Software: Steinberg Cubase 5
  • Recording Hardware: Cakewalk SONAR V-Studio 100
  • Mixing Desk (Project Studio): PreSonus StudioLive
  • Mixing Desk (High-End): SSL Matrix
  • Audio Processor (Software): Universal Audio UAD-2
  • Field Recorder: Zoom H4n
  • DAW Controller: Cakewalk SONAR V-Studio 700

Keyboards & Software:

  • Hardware Synthesizer: Dave Smith Instruments Tetra
  • Stage Piano: Yamaha CP1
  • Controller Keyboard: Novation ReMote SL Mk II
  • Software Instrument: Synthogy Ivory II
  • Sound Library: Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Live Performance Tool: Korg Kaossilator Pro
  • Electronic Drums: Korg Wavedrum W-DX


  • Best Electric Guitar: PRS 305
  • Best Acoustic Guitar: Taylor Baritone 8-String
  • Best Electric Bass: Warwick Starbass II
  • Best Acoustic Bass: Warwick Alien Acoustic


  • Best Guitar Amp Head: Marshall JMD:1
  • Best Guitar Amp Combo: Peavey Vypyr 15
  • Best Acoustic Guitar Amp: LR Baggs Acoustic Reference Amplifier
  • Best Bass Amp: TC Electronic RH 450
  • Best Bass Cab: TC Electronic RebelStack 210/212

Lifetime Achievement Award:

  • Hartley Peavey

The winners were announced at the annual MIPA ceremony, held during the Musikmesse/Pro Light + Sound show in Frankfurt.



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