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YouTube Video von attorks

I always wonder where the inspiration comes from but again I think this video is different then all the previous ones. It began this evening when looking at new items on the MATRIXSYNTH website when I looked at this video of the FabFilter Twin 2 virtual synth. I liked the demo and downloaded the trail at there website. I began to play with it in Ableton Live as VST and when browsing through the drums presets, I found an interesting snare drum. I altered the sound somewhat and the idea was born. Apart from the 5 MIDI tracks for controlling the Doepfer MAQ16/3 using the Novation Launchpad in Ableton Live, there are only 2 MIDI tracks with 3 clips each: one for the FabFilter Twin 2 drumsound and one controlling the Creamware MiniMax ASB with the bass sound. Then I dialed in two 8-step sequences on the Doepfer MAQ16/3 and it sounded very interesting. Added some Mellotron strings from the Roland XP-80 and there you have it. The full video is about 13 minutes which I will upload soon to my website.

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