Synthesizer – Tell Me

YouTube Video von kenzie2029

Another Video I made for a class, so dont take it to serious. The song is something Ive been working on for our next album.

Lyrics: Tell me something I don’t already know.

Is a follow up to this video:…

Instruments seen on screen are:
Casio CZ 10, Ibanez SD GR, Casio MT 11, and Synth Guitar: The Key „looks like a keytar but its better“.

Synthesizers used to make the song:
Sequential Circuits Six Trak, Access Virrus C, Korg MS2000BR, Alesis Qs 6.1, Casio RZ 1 and Casio CZ 101.
Softsynths are korg MS 20 and Korg PolySix.

Made With Sony Acid Pro 6 and Sony Vegas 6

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