No1Else – Heads-Up Ravers (Give Me A Kiss Remix)

“Those tracks are definitely not made to be played in the early evening. They’re heavy, trashy and nasty.” – the official press release says it all. Heads-Up Ravers by Parisienne electro (or heavy metal?) producer No1Else is the most raw and energetic piece of music that has come my way in quite some time. To celebrate the release of the EP, Austrian label Etage Noir Special (the rude little sister of Etage Noir) once again decided to send me the obligatory free remix that comes with all their release for exclusive release on my blog.

What could be better then Frenchmen remixing Frenchmen? Here’s the EP’s title track Heads-Up Ravers, remixed by up and coming French electro glam rockers Give Me A Kiss –  remember that name, there’s a lot more coming your way soon. If you like what you hear, head over to Beatport to buy the full release! Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for any damage caused by instant urges to start banging your head as soon as you click on play.


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