Korg Monotron Musikmesse 2010

YouTube Video von gear4music1 Korg talk to http://www.gear4music.com about the new Monotron Analog Synthesizer with ribbon control feature and MS-20 filter. Korg-Monotron-Sounddemo_Final.mov YouTube Video von FrequencyTestSystem the Korg Monotron Sounddemo. It´s not totally in sync because I had to record it extra from the headphone via my external iPod Mic and so the soundquality is also lacking! My DIY iPod Line DI, died this very day. But you will get the picture. All I say is: for $85 this thing can SCREAM!!!!! Tweet

Metal Guitar Sounds

Nine Volt Audio releases Metal Guitar: Riffs & Rhythms in REX2, Stylus RMX, Kontakt, ACID and Apple Loop formats Nine Volt Audio has released Metal Guitar: Riffs & Rhythms in REX2, Stylus RMX, Kontakt, ACID and Apple Loop formats. Here’s what they have to say about it… From bold and belligerent drop-tuned rhythms to rapid-fire upper register riffs, Metal Guitar is an intense and ultra flexible collection appropriate for any producer’s six-string toolbox. Designed to bridge the gap between the compositional flexibility of a sampled instrument and the inspiration found when using loops, Metal Guitar takes a brute force approach […]

Korg Z1 Sounds

Kid Nepro releases two new sound collections Here’s Kid Nepro’s press release… Back in the 90’s, one of the few Korg synthesizers that Kid Nepro missed programming sounds for was the Korg Z1. Well the kid was a bit late, but have recently picked up an old Z1 and have finally gotten around to making a sound library for this cool Korg synth. The kid has released two new sound collections. Each containing 128 new programs. Volume 1 – Classic Synths contains 128 new programs. A mixed bag of sounds that ranges from classic analog synth textures to soundtrack and […]

Hey Today! – Talk To Me (preview)

In Busy P.’s words: “A few weeks ago, we were touring Australia for Parklife. Tiga was closing our stage every night, in front of 10,000 kids ready to rumble with him, to get wrestled to the ground. And, as usual, he throws out his secret weapon, Talk To Me. The crowd explodes. That’s when I ran onstage screaming, “T-Dawg, what’s that sound????” – The only reply I got was a big, creepy grin… Merci! One late night, on the narrow streets of Melbourne, Tiga and I went out for a little boogie with the Bang Gang squad. Our Aussie friends know how […]

1st Hands on video with the KORG Kaossilator PRO


YouTube Video von muzik4machines HD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIBzlR… ok, the sound is crappy, the image is crappier, but they received it today, so even if i’m money-less till fall i wanted to give you a quick peek into this nice beast iTunes store: http://itunes.com/muzik4machines Twitter: http://twitter.com/muzik4machines M4M Store: http://muzik4machines.com/store Podcast: http://muzik4machines.com/2ztc7w Tweet

2010 Musikmesse feeltune Rhizome

YouTube Video von RockoNCompany PCからの解放!本来の制作のインスピレーションを妨げない感覚は、マウスとキーボードの世界から進化するなかで生まれて行きま す。日本では聞き慣れないfeeltuneというメーカーから、サンプラー/シーケンサー/ミキシングコンソール/シンセサイザーを 大型のLCDディスプレイで、快適に創作活動が出来るオールインワン・マシン「Rhizome」が発表されました! 昨今の流行 の一つでもあるハードとソフトのハイブリットマシーンの最先端にいきなり踊り出た本機、VSTプラグインにも対応しており拡張性もバッチリで す!グルーヴマシンの様な分かり易さとリアルタイム性は、Empower your creativityとメーカーが謳っている通り、新たな制作&パフォーマンススタイルを生み出してくれるかもしれません!日本発売が待ち遠し い限りです!! Empower your creativityあなたの創造性に大きな力をとでも言うのでしょうか? Tweet